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Project Description:

Mail API for Windows Phone 7, or simply WP7Mail Library, is a library that allows developers to add some email functionality to their application, something that it's still not possible to do with the current version of the Windows Phone 7 SDK.

With this library we are capable of:
  • Connecting to an SMTP server;
  • Connecting to an POP3 server;
  • Sending emails to any email account;
  • Retrieving emails message and see its content;
  • Adding several types of attachments to an email message (Image, Plain text file, or XML file);

Additional features:
This library is capable of setting a secure connection with the email server, allowing a safe communication. It works completely asynchronous and has implemented many known POP3 and SMTP commands.

Note: In order to be able to communicate with servers that only use and require a secure communication channel, a very good collection of cryptography APIs known as Bouncy Castle was used.

More information:
With the other projects that are also being developed at the same time as this one, I didn't had much time to create a blog that would show how to develop or recreate a library similar to this one, but I will still try to do it in a few weeks.
I plan to release the source code eventually when I managed to implement some important functionality and solve some of the bugs.

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